Westword cover girl Claudia Folska's cooking show is a play on words -- and local food

Claudia Folska, Westword cover girl and a candidate for the RTD Board of Directors, has a variety of interests. In college, she started a nonprofit called Eyecycle that pairs sighted people and blind people on tandem bicycles. After college, she biked from Pakistan to China. This past spring, she earned a dual doctorate from the University of Colorado. And she once groped Arnold Schwarzenegger -- a feat, she jokes, she got away with because she is blind.

Now, in addition to running for RTD, Folska has produced one episode of a cooking show she hopes will become a staple on Rocky Mountain PBS. Called Cooking in the Dark, the show's title is a play on words meant to point out that most people don't know where their food comes from while also lightheartedly acknowledging that Folska can't see.

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The show is informative, if a bit rough around the edges. The premise is that Folska visits a Colorado farm, learns how to cook a meal using that farm's ingredients with the help of a local chef, and then prepares the meal at home.

For more, visit the "Cooking in the Dark" website. And check out an outtake below. Sometimes cooking in the dark can be hazardous!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.