We've reached the bottom of Sputnik's bottomless mimosas

Perfection is fleeting: snowmen melt, flowers fade, breasts sag. But sometimes you catch something at its apex and enjoy it for all it's worth -- until it's gone.

That is the story of bottomless mimosas at Sputnik, the hipster hangout at 3 South Broadway, which used to offer a $5 all-you-could-drink-in-five-hours mimosa deal.

When Sputnik finally ended the three-year orgy of sweetness in January, every ironic mustache in the neighborhood bent into a sad sigh. The bottomless mimosa had been many things to many people: hangover cure, Sunday-Funday fuel, and the only thing that made Cycles Laundromat down the street live up to its slogan, "Loads of Fun."

The new deal is $5 for a carafe of mimosas, $2 for a single one, and $3 Bloody Mary's.

Despite rumors that the cut-off was financially motivated, the real reason was more hurl-related, says Sputnik co-owner Allison Housley. "We had dudes throwing up in the urinal by 1 p.m, so we decided to keep it cheap, but not bottomless."

Bartender Paul Kroft also cited some unfortunate incidents involving nudity, the photo booth and exploding champagne corks. After the change, he adds, "We had a drastic cut in the amount of vomit and nakedness."

The good news on the switchover is that the coveted booths have a much faster turnover time, resulting in less time standing around starving, hungover, and vaguely nauseated by some male kickballer posturing in short-shorts that would make Jenna Jameson blush.

And the brunch menu -- available now on weekdays from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. -- remains solid, with standard favorites like breakfast burritos and egg sandwiches along with unexpected fare like the Buenos Dias Arepas (corn cakes with eggs or tofu, queso blanco and avocado cremas). All but one item can be ordered vegan.

Another overlooked feature at Sputnik is the infused alcohol, including caramelized apple bourbon (amazing in a straight up Manhattan), garlic habenero vodka for Bloodies, and the upcoming rhubarb vodka. All fantastic, but not bottomless.

Rest in Peace, bottomless mimosa. You were beautiful while you lasted.

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