Reader: First White Fence Farm, Could Casa Bonita Be Next?EXPAND
White Fence Farm

Reader: First White Fence Farm, Could Casa Bonita Be Next?

When news came down October 26 that the 45-year-old White Fence Farm in Lakewood would be closing on December 30, fans of fried chicken started squawking.

The early eatertainment complex, which opened in 1973 on what had been an actual working farm in what was then a largely rural area, took off on a concept introduced in the Chicago area almost fifty years earlier, and quickly became known here for big family meals with plenty of fun on the side.

Says Jan: 

I’ve been going here for 40 years. First in the Chicago suburbs and for the last 32 years here in Denver. So disappointing. We celebrated many family birthdays here.

Megan was a bit more graphic:

Kill me now!

But Quentin replies:

I was severely disappointed with their chicken when I ate there. Wouldn’t have even rated above fast-food chicken.

Counters Gregory:

 Best fried chicken I’ve ever had. So sad it’s closing.

Sapphire is already missing the fritters:

We gotta go back get them corn things again!

And others are focusing on the future. Comments Gregory:  

Sad. This, along with the Spaghetti Factory downtown and Heritage Square closing, is a shame. All are/were Denver staples.

Adds Britton:

First it’s White Fence Farm, next it’s Casa Bonita ????

Suggests Jam:  

Turn it into a vegan spot instead. Save millions of lives.

Notes Steve: 

I wouldn't be surprised if they develop the property into condos.

Adds Heather: 

Another Denver institution, cult classic to close!!! Alas! But here’s a thought — what if Dave Query and the Big Red F group were to buy it, and revamp it into another location of the Post? Good fried chicken done right is hardly a dead-end concept, it just has to be really good????

And Tom concludes: 

Shoulda put some money in advertising. I’m a fried chicken addict, and I’ve never heard of the place. People in Denver have great reverence for bland, Midwestern-style restaurants that serve flavorless food. I understand you grew up with these places, but no one was coming here for the food.

Keep reading for more on White Fence Farm.

Reader: First White Fence Farm, Could Casa Bonita Be Next?
Mark Antonation

"White Fence Farm Will Close After 45 Years, 5 Million Chicken Dinners"

Reader: First White Fence Farm, Could Casa Bonita Be Next?
Mark Antonatoin

"Bird Is the Word in Capitol Hill: White Spot Frying Up Chicken"

Reader: First White Fence Farm, Could Casa Bonita Be Next?EXPAND
White Fence Farm

"White Fence Farm Opening a Farm Team of Fried-Chicken Spots"

Owners Craig Caldwell and Tom Piercy announced on October 26 that the restaurant would be closing in just over two months. They'd already closed a handful of satellite locations that they'd opened since buying Colorado's original White Fence Farm from founder Charlie Wilson and his family in 1973.

“We have been operating at a net monthly loss for a considerable amount of time," explained Caldwell. "Efforts to create a profitable operation were not successful, and we can no longer operate in this capacity.” All of the staff will be kept on through the end of the year, as will the animals on the grounds, which will then be adopted out.

Love it or hate it, White Fence Farm was a definite Denver institution. When was the last time you visited? What did you think? Leave a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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