Zook's, in the Denver Puppet Theater, to serve mochas alongside marionettes

Puppets and caffeine? Now that's a combination we can get behind. A cafe called Zook's is slated to open in the Denver Puppet Theater, the bright yellow landmark at 3156 West 38th Avenue, by the end of July. "We wanted to use the space more," says theater owner Annie Zook. "We don't do puppet shows much."

Now that most of the right strings (wink, wink) have been pulled in the city inspection process, Zook's is nearly ready to unveil its repertoire of coffee, tea, ice cream, paninis and other café goodies, which it will serve from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. But don't expect Pinocchio and Kermit to pull that espresso - Zook says that for the most part, the puppets will stay in the theater next door.

Nor do the marionettes have much to do with the other miscellaneous enterprises now in the Denver Puppet Theater building: a recording studio and a hair studio operated by Zook's son and his girlfriend, respectively. "You can have every need met," says Zook of her operation.

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