Chicken Fight! Crowns Denver's Premier Poultry Purveyors

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Danielle Lirette
Chicken Fight! crowned new chicken champions on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
More than forty Denver restaurants dropped their socks and grabbed their...chicken, for Chicken Fight! This annual festival of fried bird served up thighs, wings and breasts in myriad sauces and crunchy coatings, proving that chicken has replaced bacon as the city's most popular protein. This was far more than a festival; it was also a contest, so chefs had to fly high to grab the attention from judges and ticket holders. A new pecking order was established, with top honors going to Old Major (judges' choice: fried chicken), Tupelo Honey (people's choice: fried chicken), Denver Deep Dish (judges' choice: wings) and Fire on the Mountain (people's choice: wings). Cocktails were also scored; the winners were West End Tap House (judges' choice) and Tupelo Honey (people's choice). It was a fight-or-flight night for all. See the complete list of winners on the Chicken Fight Festival Facebook page.