Queen of Sheba on Colfax offers a royal feast

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Zewditu Aboye with enjera -- "a yeast-risen flat bread with a slightly spongy texture."
Queen of Sheba owner Zewditu Aboye came to this country in the late '70s after leaving Ethiopia to travel the world, learning to cook along the way. She opened her own place in 1993, in a dilapidated building on Colfax that also houses a hair salon and beauty-supply store, filling the space with tapestries, wooden carvings, beads hanging from the doorways and maps of her home country, putting paper towels rather than napkins on the mismatched tables. She didn't have any restaurant background, but that didn't faze her. As her daughter puts it, "Some people just have a gift for cooking, you know?" Continue reading Laura Shunk's review of Queen of Sheba. Photos by Mark Manger.