The night was far from chilly during the May 30 Tina Turner concert at Fiddler's Green, so when a woman sitting near me pulled up her shirt and announced, "Look--my nipples are standing up," I knew better than to look for a meteorological explanation. Obviously, Miss Tina, 58, was responsible for the hardening of these protuberances--and why not? Most of her post-comeback material is spotty; ex-husband Ike Turner may have been a lout, but he never made her sing a song as lame as "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)." Still, there's no denying that Turner is a physical marvel. She opened the show wearing a dress I wouldn't even consider a shirt, but she was in such tremendous condition that she easily cleared this fashion hurdle. Nor has time dimmed her sense of showmanship. As she writhed against a Fabio look-alike during the dreadful "Private Dancer," she suggested a Mae West for the Nineties. Imagine how memorable her shows will be when she's seventy.

My Blind Alley plays its last show ever on Saturday, June 7, at Slugger's. The reason, says the combo's Dave Hartman, is the departure of drummer David Hanlan. "He was a really important part of the band," Hartman says. "So we're going to regroup, rename ourselves and find a drummer." He invites interested percussion candidates to phone 455-2820.

How did this column become the drummer want ads? On Thursday, June 5, Chaser can be tracked down at Soapy Smith's, and Gina Go Faster does so at the 15th Street Tavern. On Friday, June 6, Sonny Kay's band, the VSS, returns to Colorado for a gig with Juhl and Acrobat Down at the Boulder Jaycees Depot, 2275 30th Street (call 543-8341 for more details); Swine snorts at the Lion's Lair, with the Commerce City Rollers; Zeut celebrates the release of Inaday, its new CD, at Herman's Hideaway; and Adam & Kris croon at Swallow Hill Music Hall. On Saturday, June 7, Judge Roughneck joins the Redemptions at Area 39; Spearhead enrolls at Camp Lo, at the Ogden Theatre; and Terraform files for Chapter 23 at Muddy's. On Sunday, June 8, Mexico 70 hits the Fox Theatre, and loads of bands appear at the CHUN People's Fair, near the Capitol. On Tuesday, June 10, Genuine is part of acoustic night at Herman's. And on Wednesday, June 11, Linda Maich and Beth Quist pair up at the Mercury Cafe. Two much.

--Michael Roberts

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