The Beatdown

A long-awaited Hip-Hop Summit looks like the real deal.

Right now, Stevens is just counting on Simmons mobilizing Denver's hip-hop heads. Once costs are covered, she says, proceeds from the summit will be funneled into an "incubator" to foster artist development and skills training. And as part of the deal worked out with record labels whose acts will perform at Denver's summit, over the next three years Safe City will be able to submit works by local artists to those labels for consideration.

That gets my vote.

Upbeats and beatdowns: On Friday, March 12, ION will celebrate the release of its debut disc, Gross National Product, at the Ogden Theatre, with Antik, Misunderstood, TTEC and the Commodes; the Railbenders will be joined by Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers and the Dalhart Imperials at Herman's Hideaway; Ruby unveils its new live CD at the Soiled Dove, with the Melanie Susuras Band, the Wild Blooms and Ordinary Poets; and Thank God for Astronauts and the Long Since Forgotten set up for CEX at the Hi-Dive. On Saturday, March 13, Ten Tiers and Local 33 kick up some dust at the Blue Mule, while Rubber Planet, Offering 74 and Corporate Whore tear up Cricket on the Hill. Finally, on Wednesday, March 17, Denunzio, the Dropskots, Start Tomorrow and the Bowery Boys stop by the Larimer Lounge.

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