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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (10 Free!), August 7-9

Put away your pocketbooks and enjoy an event-filled weekend — all for free. Maybe bring a couple bucks for beer, but over the next few days, you can enjoy storytelling, jams and life hacks without breaking out your wallet or purse. Check out the Westword calendar for even more to see and do, and drop us a comment if we forgot anything. 

line break: To Story or Not to Story at Biennial Pavilion (10 a.m. Friday-Sunday, free)
The Biennial of the Americas has been hooking up the city with all kinds of things to do this summer, and now you can score some free joe and hear some poetry and tales to go along with it. Over the weekend, storytellers, poets and performers will give you plenty of opportunities to be fascinated. On Friday night, Westword's very own Jef Otte will present ancient mysteries of modern poetry and song. Saturday brings a zine workshop and deep discussion of Colorado's poetic history.There will be all kinds of other readings punctuating the entire weekend as well. 

One Square Mile: Placetelling Curtis Park Opening at PlatteForum (5:30 p.m. Friday, free)
The ArtLab intern kids have been busy all summer learning the ins and outs of the art world, and tonight, they present what they learned about the Curtis Park neighborhood. Not only does the neighborhood feature historic landmarks and expensive residencies, but the vulnerable community as well. The interns have learned to juxtapose this world through performance and storytelling, led by Westword alum Laura Bond. This is an important show given the way Denver is currently developing. 

West Colfax MuralFest 2015 at Lakewood (9 a.m. Saturday, free)
Hop on the W line to Lakewood today to see the culmination of seven days worth of hard work from muralists, graffiti artists and musical collaborators at this summer's MuralFest. Not only do you get to bask in the beautiful street art, but enjoy plenty of fine food, beverages and musical entertainment for the whole squad. Jump off the the train at the Wadsworth station for an explosion of art and culture.  

The Big Wonderful with Whitewater Ramble at The Big Wonderful (12 p.m. Saturday, free)
Hope everyone has been making it out to the Big Wonderful this summer, one of Denver's best markets and food truck destinations. This weekend, they host Whitewater Ramble, paying homage to The Grateful Dead with a "Pickin' on the Dead" tribute set. If you're into that never-ending jamming, today is your day. Besides the music and food, enjoy craft beer and cocktails and even an onsite dog park. *Deadhead bonus: Check out this Grateful Dead pop-up show on Sunday.

Pamela Love Trunk Show at Goldyn (1 p.m. Saturday, free)
Come meet a real mover and shaker of the design world at Goldyn today. Pamela Love has designed for everything from HBO's True Blood to J. Crew. Her use of symbols, Southwestern imagery and turquoise is pretty dope and you should definitely go see it for yourself. You should also click here and find out how to make an appointment with Minka Sicklinger and Patrick "Fish" King for a tattoo. It's going to be like a party straight from New York Fashion Week.  

Blues & Brews at Old South Pearl Street (1 p.m. Saturday, free)
Have yourself a grand old time on South Pearl Street today with suds for miles and endless amounts of blues. The party kicks off with Rachel and the Ruckus and doesn't stop till way after the sun goes down with Selwyn Birchwood. Enjoy neighborhood brews from Platt Park Brewery and Former Future and tons more. It's always a good time to shut down a block and get the community together.

Zine Swap at Abecedarian Gallery (4 p.m. Saturday, free)
If you didn't know, the Denver Library will take care of your zine for you. They have a zine section where they preserve zines for generations to come. If you have a zine, come donate it today at Abecedarian so they can distribute it to the library or a few other organizations to preserve the culture. Even if you're not a zine maker, come check out what people are up to and get inspired. 

Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic at Boulder Public Library (1 p.m. Sunday, free)
We all have that toaster or lamp laying around the house that is totally fixable, but which we haven't gotten around to yet. If you're honey-do list is getting a bit overwhelming, come up to Boulder and let a qualified volunteer from the Boulder U-Fix-It-Clinic help you out. They're even going to provide a sack of tools to help you learn how to repair things youself. It's a valuable skill, so click here to make an appointment and fix that record player, because vinyl is in.

Hands Movement Denver at 16th Street Mall (1 p.m. Sunday, free)
If you're looking to have fun on Sunday, while joining the art community, look no further than the 16th Street Mall. Alyssa O’Toole is bringing her incredibly inspiring Hands Movement project to our fair city, and you want to be a part of it. No matter what your piano skill level is, come learn how to play a part of an original song, so O'Toole can film it and chop it up to create a beautiful portrait of Denver. Check out the one from Boston above, it'll bring you to tears. 

The Church of Coen Presents O Brother, Where Art Thou at Syntax Physic Opera (8 p.m. Sunday, free)
It's the second Sunday of the month, so all of you brothers and sisters know it's time to worship at the House of Cohen. O Brother, Where Art Thou is a heartwarming and hilarious odyssey, a true masterpiece. Those Soggy Bottom Boys really have the chops as well. The Chimney Choir will be there to help get you in the mood so you can hum your way to work on Monday. 

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