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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (7 Free!), May 8-10

Sitting on a park bench or in your backyard is something you can do for free, but how about sitting on the back of a motorcycle? This week, that is free, too, and it might be a little more entertaining. You can also peruse flea markets art galleries and even smoke weed — all for free — this weekend. To find out about more cool events, check out the Westword calendar, and drop us a comment if we missed anything.

Colorado Chocolate Festival at The Denver Mart (Friday-Saturday, $5)
You're going to have to buy mom some chocolates anyway, so don't just grab a box from the gas station when you could spend an entire two days surrounded in a chocolate paradise. Feast your eyes on this slideshow and just tease yourself for a moment. The show features more than eighty chocolate vendors with chocolate fountains, chocolate pizza and probably gluten free treats, cause that's how some people roll.

Governor Jack Watches You Sleep: The Return of Alex Berg at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (8 p.m. Friday, $10)
Once a month, the improv group Governor Jack graces us with their presence, by questioning nationally recognized improv performers and then creating the show around the answers. It returns to the the stage tonight with the nerdy fella from Connecticut, Alex Berg. His performance with the troupe last year cranked it to 11, so make sure not to miss this night of nerdrific hilarity. Get your $10 tickets here

Open House
at Indian Motorcycle of Denver (9 a.m. Saturday, free)
If you're really a badass, you ride a motorcycle. Feeling the wind, rain and bugs hit your face on the open road really wakes up the body, so come check out this open house. They're giving out free T-shirts and food while you peruse and ask questions about the iron horses. Check out the bikes and add thrill to your life.

Spring Horseshoe Market at Local 46 (9 a.m. Saturday, free)
This open-air market comes just in time to get mom something that looks like you may have been able to make yourself, but didn't. The Horseshoe Market is going to be huge this time around with over 130 vendors of vintage and handcrafted goods as well as food trucks and specialty fine food booths. A beer and spirits mini-fest will take place across the street from the festival for $10 featuring everything from Upslope Brewing to Laws Whiskey House bevvies. It's going to be a heck of a market, so come get lucky at the Horseshoe.

RiNo Art Safari at River North Art District (11 a.m. Saturday, free)
RiNo is turning into a bit of a different world. The newly renovated neighborhood has all kinds of things that didn't exist only a few years ago. Tour through forty local businesses, art studios and creative spaces. There's going to be all kinds of special things happening there, including, beer and food tastings and even a self guided street art tour.

Bluegrass, Blunts, Bottles & Blowing at Grow Big Supply (5 p.m. Saturday, free)
The best parties are the ones when you B.Y.O.B, like in high school or college. Get ready for this bluegrass festival where it's not only a B.Y.O.B but a B.Y.O.Blunts, too. Grab a a two-six and some papers so you can jam your little hippie heart out. To check out the Barrel House String Band, live glass blowing and live DJ's RSVP here, it's going to be groovy, man.

Opening Reception for CAMP at Leon (7 p.m. Saturday, free)
Rene Farkass wasn't born in Denver, but he has become an integral part of Denver's art scene. His linear style of portraits and landscapes are very simple to look at but technically stunning. In his latest exhibition, CAMP, the artist presents pieces that look like they could have come from a children's book in the 1950s. The opening reception is tonight, and if you want to see paintings and drawings this weekend, make a point to stop by.

Amuse Booze at The Savoy Events Center (7:30 p.m. Sunday, $10)
Bartending is a serious game. There's a lot more than just soda and booze out there to mix together to get a buzz on. Tonight watch a bunch of serious bartenders compete against each other to make the perfect cocktail, while comedians Stephen Agyei, Jorden Weibela and Sam Tallent judge and joke about the event. The $10 get you one free cocktail, which is a good deal for the high caliber of it all. Get your laugh on and get tipsy to round out your weekend.

The Church of Coen Presents: The Hudsucker Proxy at Syntax Physic Opera (8 p.m. Sunday, free)
Brother Tim Robbins offers one of his finest performances this week at the holy Church of Coen. A story of capitalism, greed, love and the American dream are at the heart of The Hudsucker Proxy, the fifth offering by the Coen brothers. Join them for the discussion of the film and welcome The Quartet to present a musical selection to accompany the film.

Circus Emporium Freakeasy at 3 Kings Tavern (9 p.m. Sunday, $5-$10)
To really end the weekend on a high note, get weird. Since this sideshow is at a bar they can get a little more extreme. After all, we're all adults here. Saia Marz will be there doing punk rock magic, Ginger Snap will present electrical stunts and hometown freak hero Slim Fadey will blow your mind too. There's going to be some BDSM weaved through the show to keep things spicy, and for another $5 enjoy a smorgasbord of extreme food. Tell your boss about that tomorrow, people.

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Alex Brown is a freelance writer from Denver, Colorado. You can find him around town falling off his skateboard, eating burritos and petting dogs.
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