Marc Maron Goes Easy

Marc Maron has been writing and doing standup comedy for more than fifteen years, but it's his popular twice-weekly podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, that's really allowed him to hone his brand of neurotic-comedy chops. The podcast, which boasts 160,000 listeners, is largely unscripted and has featured guests like Robin Williams and Louis C.K. in surprisingly bare and honest interviews. That success has translated to Maron's standup show.

"I've been doing standup half my life," says the comic. "Now that the show is taking off, I feel good about myself; my standup is just strong right now." And while Maron admits that his personality is "a little neurotic, a little manic and a little angry sometimes," that has eased up lately. "If you listen to my podcast, you know exactly who I am. I have a disposition that's like the people I'm attracted to for the show: sensitive, thoughtful malcontents."

After his tour wraps up, Maron will focus on a new TV series set to air next year on IFC; he'll also finish a memoir, due in 2013.

His stint in Denver includes four shows at the downtown Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street: today at 8 and 10 p.m., and tomorrow at 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $25; call 303-595-3637 or go to
April 6-7, 2012


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