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Married at First Sight Final Recap: Chloe Falls Out With the Other Wives Amid "Husband Stealing" Claims

"They are struggling with the world knowing that their husbands didn’t want them, but that’s not my problem," Chloe said during the final episode.
Chloe wears purple while the rest of the women wear pink during the reunion episode of the first Denver-based season of Married at First Sight.
Chloe wears purple while the rest of the women wear pink during the reunion episode of the first Denver-based season of Married at First Sight. Lifetime
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The least successful and most vitriolic season of Married at First Sight ended the same way it began.

Although all of the couples divorced by the finale, this week's "Where Are They Now" episode managed to squeeze in one more breakup — this time, between Chloe and the rest of the wives. The episode caught up with the Denver contestants nine months after the events of the show, revealing that Chloe is no longer friends with the other four women and has instead been adopted into the husband group.

According to Chloe, the women turned on her when she sparked a close friendship with Austin after the reunion, accusing the other wives of using burner accounts to post comments calling her a "husband stealer" online. But Lauren said it was Chloe who became "irate" and cut them off because Lauren followed Michael on social media.

“The whole thing is petty," Lauren said. "She thinks there’s nothing wrong with her being friends with Austin, but wants to block me from having a friendship with Michael.”

Chloe alleged that Lauren wanted a romantic relationship with her ex-husband, saying that even divorced, Michael would choose her over Lauren: "She forgets where his loyalty lies," Chloe said. She also took shots at the whole group of women, calling them "mean and condescending and terrible" and wishing them "everything they need to be different people."

"They are struggling with the world knowing that their husbands didn’t want them," Chloe said, "but that’s not my problem."

Here's what happened on the “Where Are They Now: To Hurt or to Heal” episode of Married at First Sight, which aired on April 24:

Chloe, Lauren and Michael
Fans have rooted for Lauren and Michael to get together since day one, when Michael was left at the altar and Lauren's marriage to Orion was clearly destined for failure. Lauren admitted that her family questioned why she wasn't paired with Michael in the first place, and Michael agreed, saying, “My friends always poke fun at me about the whole being rematched thing. ‘Why didn’t they just match you with Lauren?’" Sparks were flying between the pair during the episode, with Michael gifting Lauren one of his earrings and Clare noting the "flirty" tension.

But Lauren said that while she would "love to pursue a friendship with Michael," as long as he's still friends with Chloe, she doesn't want to "be in the mix of that pettiness.” And Michael is still very much involved with Chloe. The episode showed the former spouses going on a one-on-one dinner date, a double date with Austin and a group volunteer day with the other husbands.

“I don’t know if it’s sustainable for us to be friends…[but] I would love for her to be in my life in some capacity," Michael said of his ex-wife. Chloe added that they're not meant to be romantically, but that's okay because "we can have this beautiful friendship.”

As for Lauren? Michael isn't quite sold on the internet's desire for them to fall in love. "Lauren is a great person; I think she has a lot that she brings to the table," he said. "In terms of our compatibility, I don’t know what that would have looked like. I think the phrase that encapsulates it is ‘game recognizes game.’”

The Husbands
Michael, Orion and Austin spent much of the episode discussing their efforts to move on from the traumatizing ordeal of being on this show (they even went to a reiki healer). Unlike Michael, Orion and Austin no longer speak to their ex-wives. Orion said he regrets cutting Lauren's experience so short and Austin said he regrets going out with the producer. Brennan and Cameron were mostly absent from the episode, only appearing during Chloe's volunteer day to briefly talk shit about their exes.

Austin took the episode as an opportunity to address some internet speculation regarding why he wouldn't have sex with Becca. According to him, he is not a virgin, does not experience erectile dysfunction and is not a "repressed Christian." Austin also aired his grievance toward one online comment in particular: “Someone said I look like Ted Bundy if Ted Bundy had zero sex appeal.”

The Wives

Becca, Lauren, Clare and Emily are as close as ever, with the latter two getting matching wave tattoos during the episode. Clare revealed she has a new boyfriend, while the rest said they are working on themselves. Though most of the women spoke little of their ex-husbands, many resentful comments spilled out of Emily. “I hope people don’t think we’re trying to dwell on the past and put these men down, but Brennan put me through hell," she said. "Most people do think I’m cute, but you.”

During a group meetup to donate their wedding dresses to terminally ill brides, the wives proclaimed that though their marriages all failed, their time on the show was a success. “What we’re doing now is what we wanted to do in our marriages," Becca said. "We’re learning how to grow, how to forgive, how to receive feedback, how to love. ... It might not look like what we thought it would at the beginning, but we got it.”

With that, the chaos is finally over for the Mile High City. The next season of Married at First Sight will take place in Chicago instead of Denver. Now, we'll have to wait for the Denver-based season of Love Is Blind to get our fix of reality dating shows.
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