Women's Global Empowerment Fund Brings Support to Ugandan Women; Support WGEF Tomorrow

Years ago, in what she calls a moment of brilliance or insanity, Karen Sugar decided to start an international development organization for women. Sugar began by looking for a location where women had the most critical need for empowerment, but she soon realized that the location wasn't as important as the bond between women. "It didn't matter where I went, because I know as women we're all connected," Sugar explains. "As women, we all have similar experiences as we walk the planet, whether it's discrimination or abuse, physical or emotional. Although our lives look different, we can relate to being a woman."

On Wednesday, December 10, the Women's Global Empowerment Fund will hold its annual fundraiser at RedLine, which is curently featuring an art exhibit by Judy Chicago. This year's event happens to fall on Human Rights Day, and will feature guest speaker Pat Blumenthal, the director of philanthropy for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado.

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Amanda Moutinho
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