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BEST HOLE-IN-THE-WALL Denver 2006 - Grandpa's Burger Haven

Grandpa\'s Burger Haven

Grandpa's Burger Haven

23 S. Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80219


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Grandpa's Burger Haven is a hole-in-the-wall in the truest sense, a spot where you shout your order through an actual hole in the wall. Originally, this was all there was to Grandpa's -- just a little white-and-chrome box with a kitchen inside and a window to shout your order through. Today there's a kind of enclosed solarium where customers can stand out of the wind and rain while they wait -- but there are still no tables, no waiters or waitresses, no plates. Orders are written on the white bags that eventually hold your old-school burgers. There was a time when all hamburger stands were like this; now, almost no hamburger stands are. That's why Grandpa's is such a treasure.
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The best hole in the wall place for a cheese burger is Z's corner kitchen, hands down!! at 55th and marshall,it doesn't look like much but they do a great cheese burger, actually they have a very good menu, but the burger is awesome!


Dont waste your time. I waited 45 minutes this past saturday. The place was not that busy. The Burger was cold as were the Fries. It was all bun and no meat. "Wheres the beef?" What a disappoinment.