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Best Burger Denver 2013 - Highland Tap & Burger

Highland Tap & Burger

Highland Tap & Burger

2219 W. 32nd Ave.

Denver, CO 80211


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Readers' Choice: Cherry Cricket

Even in this era of carbonated mojito spheres, caviar bubbles and beet cheesecake, the hamburger remains America's favorite food, and burger fans — of which you are undoubtedly one — are insanely opinionated about what the consummate burger should look and taste like. Highland Tap & Burger gets to the meat of the matter, serving its plump, char-grilled patties every which way: from classically naked to blanketed with cheese to whimsically fancified with feather-light shavings of foie gras. The beef, all Angus and 100 percent natural, is judiciously seasoned, cooked to temperature (if you want your beef to be bloody-red squish, the kitchen is happy to oblige), and the buns — white, whole wheat or gluten-free — are soft but sturdy. Tear into it, make a mess, and dribble 'til the cows come home.

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Seriously?  Does someone at WW have ownership interest in this place?  Or is being blackmailed?  These are the only reasonable explanations for giving this award to this place.

First, their burgers are only average, at best.  You could go up a few blocks and get a far better burger at Park Burger, not to mention from at least a dozen other places around the city.  And their french fries are some of the worst I have ever had.  They seemed like they had been fried and re-fried at least 3 times, and each time for about 5 minutes too long.  They were burnt, dried out, and rock hard.

But everything else about this place is awful.  The worst service!  Rude, unhelpful, and uncaring staff that act as if you are bothering them by being there.  And none of them seem to know anything about any of the beers, nor what is actually on tap.  If you are hyping beer (by having "Tap" in your name), why do you have employees that no nothing about beer, or even what beer you have on a given day?

Speaking of the use of  "tap"in the name, why does a place that does so have such a so-so selection of tap beers?  Completely underwhelming.


THANK YOU for recognizing this restaurant. I work a few blocks away at another restaurant (hamburgers are not on our menu) and my co-workers and I LOVE this place. Sometimes a customer "asks what are you eating?" I offer one bite and hear "give me half". NO WAY!!! ........Shroom Luva's MY FAV!!!!