Christian Gulzow, Alleged Torchy's Killer, Is Death Metal Singer

Christian Gulzow, also known as Christöf Gülzow and Nürüm Bellüm. A video and more below.
Christian Gulzow, also known as Christöf Gülzow and Nürüm Bellüm. A video and more below.
Update below: The man identified by Denver police as Christian Gulzow, the suspect in the fatal stabbing of Brian Lucero in the Torchy's Tacos parking lot early on May 23, is known online as both Christöf Gülzow and Nürüm Bellüm, a death-metal vocalist. His various social-media platforms feature multiple images of him with white makeup and gloves sporting long tips of the sort allegedly worn by the killer in the case, and a video on his Instagram account includes violent and bloody knifings.

Warning: The content of the video, on view below, may disturb some readers.

According to a probable-cause statement in the case that we detailed in our previous coverage, officers were called about a disturbance at 12:49 a.m. on the 23rd. They arrived at the crime scene, located near the intersection of 11th and Broadway, to find Lucero, 29, who had a visible stab wound to the throat. He was transported to Denver Health Medical Center but failed to respond to treatment. Time of death was 1:11 a.m.

In the meantime, the police report continues, witnesses were interviewed at Denver police headquarters. They told investigators that Lucero had gotten into an argument with a man with white facial makeup marked by black streaks, and gloves with blades estimated at two to three inches in length extending from each finger.

The crime scene.
Photo by Michael Roberts
The spat reportedly began at the Corner Store at 1001 Broadway, after the gloved man threatened Lucero. Attempted punches were exchanged before Lucero headed north up the alley behind the convenience store. Gulzow allegedly followed him to the Torchy's parking lot, where other witnesses saw Lucero collapse.

A search of recordings captured by nearby HALO cameras provided the next lead. Video showed a man matching the attacker's description riding a scooter on the 900 block of Galapago and tossing an object into the bushes. That object turned out to be a knife covered in blood.

Also bloody was the clothing worn by Gulzow when he was taken into custody, near the intersection of Alameda and Lipan. During a subsequent interrogation, Gulzow is quoted as saying that Lucero had tried to steal his scooter, leading to a physical altercation and a hard fall. He speculated that Lucero had been hurt when he'd jabbed a glove in his direction — or perhaps he landed on a spike from his wrist bracelet.

Subsequent media reports revealed that Gulzow had a criminal record going back to the year 2000 and was most recently jailed in 2012 on an assault charge. One of his nicknames is said to have been "Diablo."

On Facebook, Zombgora Lilith, a member of a band called the Undertakers, immediately connected with this information. In an introduction to a post about the slaying, she wrote, "This is Diablo if you all remember the short fuck head that dressed like the devil at our shows (The Undertakers)...a.k.a Christoph Gulzow.... Hope this piece of shit burns in hell for this."

Gulzow's devil fixation comes through loud and clear on the Instagram account for Nürüm Bellüm, where he's identified as "Official Owner Operator/Vocalist" of a band whose name is a series of numbers and symbols, as seen in the following screen capture:

Among the photos shared on the page is this one:

Also on view is the aforementioned music video, for a song called "Sinful Flesh." It is, to put it mildly, graphic.

"Sinful Flesh" Video ?Ç¥f3r•¶? {NürümBellüm}

A post shared by NürümBellüm (@nurum_bellum) on

At this writing, Gulzow remains in custody on suspicion of homicide.

Update: The Denver Police Department has now released the booking photo for Christian Gulzow. See it below.

click to enlarge Homicide suspect Christian Gulzow. - COURTESY OF THE DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT
Homicide suspect Christian Gulzow.
Courtesy of the Denver Police Department

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