Craigslist Ranters Take on Slow "IDIOT DRIVERS" in Denver Fast Lanes

A recent visit to the Denver Craigslist Rants & Raves page introduced us to a beginner's guide for new Coloradans that earned plenty of cheers and/or jeers from readers.

A similar variety of responses may greet the following online conversation, prompted by a post with the simple headline "IDIOT DRIVERS."

The anonymous author was set off by drivers who insist on staying in the fast lane even when they're not going particularly fast — and who refuse to move over despite the admonition that folks keep right except to pass.

A number of those who answered back to the post felt the same way — but one respondent's suggested method of retaliation was rejected by another in no uncertain terms.

Meaning there was a lot of profanity.

Check out the photo-illustrated conversation below, and click the links to see the original posts.

Post one:

WTF is wrong with drivers???? ESPECIALLY on I-70 AND on US-6???!!! Do people not understand what KEEP RIGHT UNLESS PASSING MEANS???

When there is a passing lane GET THE FUCK OVER MORONS!!!!

Are you aware the LEFT LANE is called the "DEATH LANE"??? Why would you possibly want to continually travel in that lane??? Most accidents will start in the left lane. GET THE FUCK OVER.

Post two:

I completely agree. I drive I-76 almost daily. There are signs all over the inside shoulder that say "KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS." Do you think anyone gives a shit? Nope! Just today there was a dumbass trucker poking along at 50 in a 65 in the left lane. He must have passed 3 of those signs. There wasn't even anyone in the right lane to keep him from getting over. The dumbass trucker was just oblivious to the line of 40+ cars behind him. I saw a state trooper pull a lady over one time who was doing 45 in the left lane on C-470. The people in their cars around me were cheering and clapping. It was awesome. I wish the cops would crack down on the slow pokes a little more often.

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