Eric Haiar Latest to Die at Colorado Ski Area, Snowboarder Killed at Keystone

Last week, we reported about what appeared to be the first Colorado ski area death of 2014-2015, on an Eldora run called Jolly Jug. The person who died in the accident has now been identified as a CU Boulder student, Robert Miles. And now, another death has been revealed: Snowboarder Eric Haiar was found dead at Keystone. Here's the latest on both tragic incidents in photos and video.

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The first incident came to the attention of the Boulder County Sheriff's Office at around 9 p.m. on Monday, December 8. As we've reported, deputies received word of a missing-person report, with the caller saying that a 22-year-old from Boulder had spent the day skiing at Eldora but hadn't returned.

A body was subsequently found on the Jolly Jug run, featured in the following video:

On Thursday, December 11, CBS4 reported that the person who died was Miles, who came to CU Boulder from Florida; the station lists his hometown as Fort Lauderdale, while his Facebook page cites Coral Gables. Here's an older photo from the not especially active page:

The page lists Miles's major as music; CBS4 notes that he played the bassoon. He also studied environmental engineering and is said to have been well-liked by everyone he encountered.

Then, on Saturday, Haiar, a passionate snowboarder, was found on what Fox31 notes was Keystone's Spring Dipper run. Like Eldora's Jolly Jug, it, too, is featured in numerous YouTube clips. Here's one example:

Haiar was alive when he was located and the station points out that he was wearing a helmet. However, he did not survive his injuries, which are said to have centered on blunt head trauma. It's unclear at this point whether the accident took place on Friday or Saturday.

Once the word got out of the snowboarder's identity, Haiar's Facebook page, which sports the following profile pic....

...became a place for those close to him to share their memories and grief. Here are some examples:
I've never been so affected by loss until this. My heart hurts but the HV crew will keep you alive forever. Too soon, Eric! I love you and miss you.
RIP Eric I know you're with the other guys keeping us safe.
Man i was scrolling through Facebook and seen one of my partners passd away Eric Haiar bro you will truly be missed.... Knowing you as a person, my heart goes out to you n your fam. Rest Easy my brother you will truly be missed.
Everything was great Right up until a Second ago when I found out that one of my Great Friend from High School Past Away today Eric Haiar. He was a really Great Guy/Friend that I Ever had. He was one of the best.. He will be miss. R.I.P to a Great Friend....(He was my ROTC Brother.)
Sad day. I just found out that a young friend of mine has passed away.

Eric Haiar was an outstanding human being; an incredibly talented musician, an adventurous soul, and simply loved to love others.

My prayers go out to his family and close friends here in Texas, Colorado, and beyond. He will be missed.

You will be greatly missed Eric Haiar . I'm sad I didn't get the chance to go snowboarding with you last time I was in Colorado. Rest in peace my friend.
RIP Eric!! So sad to hear the news today! Love and prayers for your family and friends! I'm blessed to have met such a beautiful person! I hope that you went doing what you loved so much!
Our sincere condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Robert Miles and Eric Haiar.

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