In a race against Joe Coors, Ed Perlmutter may want to save his cash

You are what you drink: Republican Joe Coors, part of the Coors beer family, will take on incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter in the 7th Congressional District race this year, and lately he's been flooding the airwaves. But not with beer. "One friend suggested that with a name like Joe Coors, I should just run for Congress as a beer," he says in one radio ad. "After all, people like beer but they don't much like Congress. But I'm not a beer. I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather, a manufacturer."

"I am not a beer" is an interesting campaign slogan — and maybe something Perlmutter could capitalize on. After all, Coors isn't the only brewer in Golden. The "second largest brewery in Golden" is called Golden City Brewing. Maybe they could make a Perlmutter Porter, and the candidate could run his own ad stating, "I am a beer."

Then again, Perlmutter may want to save his cash. His opponent raised nearly $450,000 over the previous three months, according to recent filings — with almost half of that sum coming from his own pockets. So while Coors may not be a beer, his beer money could leave Perlmutter with a hangover come November 6.


Joe Coors


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