Jay Cutler's five interceptions turn him into a national punchline

It was just last week that we were talking about how overrated Jay Cutler is. But even we never imagined that he'd offer up a performance as embarrassing as the one the nation saw last night in the Chicago Bears' 10-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Sweet Baby Jay threw five interceptions, instantly transforming him from Chicago's great QB hope to a complete joke.

Examples abounded during AllNight on ESPN Radio, with host Jason Smith reading a number of hilarious snaps from listeners. If Cutler was a waiter, said one, he'd deliver your dinner to the wrong table. Another noted that Bears coach Lovie Smith had managed to turn Cutler into Rex Grossman in record time -- a shot that was unfair to Grossman, Smith snickered. A third said Cutler should become the spokesman for a long-running promotion at Arby's: Pick 5.

Woody Paige may be trying to hype a quarterback controversy in Denver. But even after the past two painful losses, Kyle Orton looks pretty good compared to Cutler. Who's suddenly become a laughing matter.


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