Naked Pumpkin Run participants: Boulder DA Stan Garnett doesn't think you're sex offenders

Prior to last year's Naked Pumpkin Run, Boulder district attorney Stan Garnett told Westword that the charges available to use in relation to the event didn't fit the crime -- or whatever the hell you'd call stripping off your clothes and dashing around with a pumpkin shell on your head. In his words, "I've encouraged the Boulder City Council to pass a simple public-nudity ordinance, because that's really what would fit the situation -- a low-level municipal law that says you have to keep your clothes on in public, and if you don't, you get a ticket and a small fine."

Naked Pumpkin runners circa 2005 were a cheeky bunch.
Naked Pumpkin runners circa 2005 were a cheeky bunch.

Even though the subsequent bash didn't result in any arrests, due in large part to pre-run warnings from the Boulder Police Department, Garnett still sees a need for a regulatory remedy -- and he's taken the next step toward securing one. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, he's proposed legislation that would make streaking with pumpkin or not, as well as public urination, petty offenses that would not force those found guilty of these acts to register as sex offenders.

Look below for a video in which Garnett explains his rationale:

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