Coming soon to LoHi.EXPAND
Coming soon to LoHi.

Ali Baba Grill Opening a Restaurant in LoHi

Ali Baba is a Lebanese restaurant, a Persian restaurant, a Mediterranean restaurant with hints of Syrian and Saudi Arabian modernity and haute cuisine. It’s also a mini-chain that got its start in Golden fifteen years ago, when partners Fiyahd Aoutabachi and Mahmoud Dukmak opened the first Ali Baba, which is still growing strong. There's now a restaurant in the DU area, too, and although a Denver Tech Center location just closed, Aoutabachi is opening a new Ali Baba in the very hot dining neighborhood of LoHi, at 2201 West 32nd Avenue. That's on the corner of 32nd Avenue and Vallejo Street, on the same block where Juan Pedro and Max MacKissock will open Bar Dough, right next to Highland Tap & Burger.


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