Reader: Furr's Cafeteria trip down memory lane is a dead end

Reader: Furr's Cafeteria trip down memory lane is a dead end

Our Jenn in Chains look at the last remaining Furr's Cafeteria in the metro area inspired a smorgasbord of questions. Is there still a Shakey's in town? (No.) A Sizzler? (No). And does anyone know of a great Asian buffet? (Readers?)

And then there was another line heaping with memories...

From Oldtimey:

Our Furr's in Colorado Springs had a piano and piano player sitting in the middle of the dining room. It was where our Great Grandmother would take us for dinner. It was only surpassed by The Village Inn (not sure of relation) a restaurant housed in what had been a church. She would not go to the Broadmoor as she had worked there for 30 years!

From UncleDave8:

Ah, Furr's. After church every Sunday in Roswell, NM. Also, my first job at 14 - first in the dish room and then behind the line. "Would you care for a roll or maybe some jalapeno cornbread?" I have to say I thought the food was great, especially the baked halibut and the apple dumplings. We did a tour down memory lane at the Furr's that Jenn is reviewing a while back and I have to say either I have grown taste buds during the past 40 years or Furr's has gone to hell in a hand basket. I tend to think the later is the case.

Did you ever go to Furr's? Have you gone there recently? And what's your favorite buffet memory? Post it below, or feast on the cornucopia of comments here.


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