Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll.
Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll.

Reader: Johnson's Corner Cinnamon Rolls Are Big, But Taste Horrible

The news that Johnson's Corner, the iconic truck stop just north of the Berthoud exit on I-25, will soon be sold to TravelCenters of America drew many cries of "noooo" and "Welcome to corporate America." Members of the founding family -- Joe Johnson opened Johnson's Corner back in 1950 -- promise that the place will be business as usual and that the renowned cinnamon rolls will stay...but some folks are ready to say so long to those, too.

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Says Ann:

Never got the cinnamon roll hype. Yes, they're big...but taste horrible.

Says Clay:

I think their cinnamon rolls have a reputation for being better than they actually are. Maybe years ago they were glorious, but every time I've tried them, meh.

Says Steve:

Definitely don't get the cinnamon rolls topped with cough syrup glaze.

Who makes the best cinnamon rolls in metro Denver? Post your answers below.


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