Reader: Serve up more Denver desserts, please!

Reader: Serve up more Denver desserts, please!

Sweet...and sour. Laura Shunk just served up her list of Denver's ten best dessert spots -- including the churros she raved about in this week's review of Pinche Taqueria. But for some readers, it was definitely not enough of a good thing:

Says Lipster:

Honestly, I think that sweets need a little more air (or word?) time here at Cafe Society. Every other day includes a post about green chile, but you can only squeeze out two measly dessert posts within a span of 7 months? As a local dessert professional (both in creating and eating them...ha!), I know for a fact that there are FAR more desserts worth taking note of in the Denver metro than the 10 you've listed here!

What desserts should we be talking about? Serve up your favorites in the comments section below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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