Pho Duy, one of Denver's great ethnic eateries
Pho Duy, one of Denver's great ethnic eateries

Reader: Where are the great ethnic restaurants in Denver?

In 2011, Denver should resolve to get better ethnic restaurants. That's the word from Xarchy, who just found our post about Travel & Leisure slapping this city for its poor selection of ethnic eateries.

The mag's survey was conducted more than a year ago, but the situation hasn't changed, according to Xarchy:

I've lived in 54 places, and YES, Denver's ethnic food (for the size of the city) truly sucks. I can't find a decent cup of oxtail soup in this town. Where is the San Salvadoran restaurant? Or the Hawaiian restaurants? Shoot, the steakhouses don't even do a proper sear on the steak. NEW Mexican restaurants can be counted on one hand with fingers left over and that's a bordering state! (very different cuisine from "Mexican" or Tex-Mex, which is also lacking)..... Polish? Cajun? Jamaican?

I'm not talking about one token restaurant....when the metro area has more than a mllion people, there should be a MUCH better representation of authentic international cuisine.

Where should Xarchy be eating? What are the best ethnic restaurants in town? Post your suggestions below.

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