Survey says: Denver's ethnic food scene sucks, according to Travel + Leisure poll

Chopstick's China Bistro
Chopstick's China Bistro
Lori Midson

And that, people, is just the short list. I've been to most of the cities that ranked above Denver -- metropolises like Seattle, for example, which came in at a respectable seventeen, and tiny Santa Fe, that placed ninth (no, really, ninth) -- and Denver's ethnic food climate is far better than both. Hell, I couldn't find a decent bowl of pho anywhere in Seattle and their Mexican street food is at least a hundred tacos short of what it is here. And while I love the New Mexican food in Santa Fe, its overall ethnic food scene is lame.

It's nearly lunchtime, and I'm heading to Federal Boulevard, arguably one of the best stretches of asphalt in the country for ethnic food.

If you're interested in seeing how Denver prospered (or failed) in other restaurant categories, go to  And when you're done dropping your jaw, weigh in below with your comments.

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