The Five Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

The Five Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

This year has produced some pretty marvelous gadgets for foodies, and culinary technology for 2014 has given us some bizarre finds like a 3-D latte art tool, a wine glass holder that makes you half an inch away from being a drunkard, build-your-own-burger tablets at McDonald's, a remote-controlled beer holder, and some things we surely want to like, but are just not sure about, like a Darth-Vader-head toast maker.

Here are the top five coolest foodie gizmos we've seen in 2014. Keep reading for gizmo goodies like the ultimate in butter-spreading tech, a grill's best friend, a beery breath of cold air, and kitchen utensils from a galaxy far, far away.

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The Five Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

5. ButterUp

Anyone who has ever eaten toast has come across the Great Butter Conundrum. You have a butter knife, hot toasted bread (bagel, muffin or that swirly cinnamon-raisin bread) and an ice-cold stick of butter. There is no way to avoid ripping the poor toast to shreds, unless you nuke the butter for a minute, which always seems to lead to hot butter soup. But there is a better way with the new ButterUp butter knife that simply but ingeniously pulls tiny strings of butter off the top of the stick, ready and able to make your toast complete, with little to no effort. I'm pissed that I didn't come up with this idea and patent it myself.

If I had, I could be rich enough to pay someone to stand at my breakfast table and pick the raisins out of my cinnamon-raisin toast every morning.

The Five Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

4. The Golden Goose

Okay, so hard-boiled egg technology was made divine with the advent of the deviled egg tray, but just when we all thought that cooked eggs couldn't get any more delicious, some clever Chuck came up with the idea of scrambling the whites and the yolks in the shells and THEN boiling them, producing a perfect egg-shaped yellow scramble. The Golden Goose gadget looks a tad rudimentary (and a lot like a weird piece of wrist exercise equipment) but if you put an egg in the thinger, lock it up securely, spin it for a bit, then proceed with prep, you'll get a beautiful boiled breakfast, or eggy slices to decorate a nice molded pate.

Now if someone could just invent a device that allows you to fry bacon using brain waves, we can truly evolve into the ideal society.

The Five Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

3. Icybreeze

Disposable Styrofoam coolers can all piss off in a landfill, because the Icybreeze dual container cooler/portable AC makes all other coolers look puny, weak and irrelevant. This new harbinger of future camping tech keeps your cheap beer and bologna cold, but more important than that -- it keeps your ass chilly, too (or your face -- whichever). The ice water in the cooler circulates through a small radiator; a fan sucks air through it and then blows the cold air through a vent or a big hose.

This gizmo gives the gift that keeps on giving, and invites you to be a selfish prick and hide it in your own tent while everyone else stays sweaty.

For more amazing foodie gizmos of 2014, read on.

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