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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (6 Free!), July 31-August 2

"Hot town, summer in the city." It sure is, but you know we'll keep your weekends cool with these ten events. Bounce around some county fairs, check out some flicks and roll around on two wheels a couple different ways for an exit out of July and into August. Check the Westword calendar for even more events, and drop us a comment if your hosting anything we missed. 

Larimer County Fair & Rodeo at Budweiser Events Center (7 a.m. Friday-Sunday, free)
Feel like a kid again by spending a day at the Larimer County Fair, which includes a carnival with rides, a rodeo and all the other things that make for a perfect old-school fair. Catch some tasty waves at the Gnarly Barley brew festival, see some vintage tractors and stick around for the fireworks show when the sun goes down. It's Colorado's birthday after all, so do a little traveling.

Friday Funday with OhHeckYeah and the Colorado Symphony at 16th Street Mall (11 a.m. Friday, free)
Last summer saw the debut of OhHeckYeah, where you could play video games in the street whenever you wanted. Come play some larger that life games on the street again today, with a live score by the Colorado Symphony. This is all in promotion of the huge Video Games Live show at Red Rocks on August 5, so if you score enough points playing the game, you might win some passes to that.

Denver County Fair at National Western Complex (12 p.m. Friday-Sunday, $10)
This fair is rad with a modern twist, celebrating all things loved in our capital city as well as Internet cat celebrity Lil Bub. You have to pay extra to meet Lil Bub and see Everclear (yeah, Father of Mine Everclear), but the rest of the fair is well worth the dough. Eating competitions, cute little animals, freaks and so much more. Click here to plan your visit at least once this weekend. 

The Old Man and the Seaweed at Green Spaces (7 p.m. Friday, $5-10)
A lot of people talk about throwing it all away and going to live off the land, but you can't just talk about it — you have to be about it. Dr. Ryan Drum actually did it, becoming an expert herbalist and the authority on the healing powers of seaweed. Follow a day in his life to see what it's like to be self sustaining, while learning his philosophical outlook on life. It's a life of epic poetry — check it out and then discuss with the filmmaker, David Kaufman afterward.  

Lipgloss at Syntax Physic Opera (9 p.m. Friday, $8)
Get here tonight to experience the OG bassist of goth rock, spin records for you. David J, the bassist from Bauhaus will be on hand to get this party of legend going to the max. Head on over here to ensure you get your tickets, and hope they spin Bela Lugosi's Dead, it's transcendent to dance to. 

Denver Street Flea Market
at Huckleberry Roasters (9 a.m. Saturday, free)
Save time and energy driving around the city looking for a garage sale this weekend and come to this giant garage-style flea market instead. Browse these vendors of second hand, vintage and antique goods and help stimulate our local economy. Bring the dog with you too, and heck, click here if you want to peddle some goods yourself. 

Scooter Public Art Tour at McNichols Building (1 p.m. Saturday, free)
Grab your crush and get ready for an adorable day on scooters learning all about some of the fantastic public art around town. There's really way more public art than you probably realize, so RSVP to gain a new perspective of our city. 

Birdman at Boulder Outdoor Cinema (7 p.m. Saturday, free)
Birdman carries a real "magic of the movies" air to it, and when you see it outside, it's sure to be even more more magical. Boulder Outdoor Cinema operates every Saturday behind the BMoCA, so bring a chair, couch, bean bag or whatever makes you feel comfortable to check out tonight's feature. 

Denver Community Ride at 990 Bannock (12:20 p.m. Sunday, free)
Get out there and celebrate the anniversary of our statehood by embracing the community. The USA Pro Challenge is right around the corner, so get in the spirit of the power of the pedal by riding around with other like minded individuals and families. There's a special ride for the kids and the adult one starts right after. You might win some special USA Pro Challenge swag too. 

Stranger Than Paradise at Sie Film Center (1 p.m. Sunday, $1)
Jim Jarmusch can take mundane everyday life and turn it into a masterpiece. Somehow, he turns sitting in an empty studio apartment into a fascinating visceral experience.They have a bar at the theater, so grab a big glass of red wine or some scotch for this one. Let Stranger Than Paradise into your life, and spend the rest of the day humming Screamin' Jay Hawkins. It really will put a spell on you.    

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