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24-Hour Comics Day hits Denver: An illustrated recap

The goal is noble. The rules are simple. And the results -- well, they vary. In the spirit of both creativity and caffeine, Denver artists celebrated 24-Hour Comics Day this past weekend, the eighth incarnation of this national event, and the participants who eventually conquered the event's requirements proved even more heroic than their characters. There were victors (usually the artists) and foes (cramps, sleep deprivation, time itself), but most important, there were stories. The most important part of the event, perhaps more important than even the end results, are the dedication of those who participate. You must be completely intent on completing a comic book that is at minimum 24 pages within the same number of hours, and you must refrain from starting any of it beforehand. Seriously -- no cheating allowed. This means no outlines, no sketches, no dialogue and absolutely no rough drafts before the one-day artistic period begins. The local comic aficionados in the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators hosted two separate Denver-area events in Northglenn and Highlands Ranch this past weekend, and though the start time, end time and plots all differed wildly, the rules did not. (They mean it. Do not cheat.)

Below are photos of some of the illustrators and art that made it out of the 24-hour creative spree. Taken at I Want More Comics!, the photos come to Show and Tell courtesy of Stan Yan, owner of local comics collective Squid Works. For more photos, visit the group's Facebook page.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.