3 things to do for free in Denver this week, June 9-12

This is week is filled with free events, so you don't have to worry about breaking into the piggybank before payday. Instead, you can check out a "cool" movie, take a trip to Japan or shake hands with a two-time Mr. Universe.

See the online Westword calendar for more events, and let us know about more bargain entertainment opportunities in the comments section below.

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Frozen at Infinity Park (Monday, free)

Glendale has much more to offer than strip clubs and Target. Infinity Park is a great place to catch a rugby match or even an outdoor movie. Glendale kicks off its Summer Monday Movie Madness tonight with Disney's


. It's free, so bring a blanket, kick back and enjoy.

Japan Popsplosion at Hapa Sushi (Wednesday, free) Andrew Novick is definitely one of Denver's most interesting characters. He throws nothing away, used real blood in one recent project, loves cereal -- and tonight will debut his new art show featuring photos from Japan at Hapa Sushi. Denver Comic-Con Pre-Party at Mile High Comics (Thursday, free) The third annual Denver Comic Con is this coming weekend, and the pre-party promises to be a cool kick-off -- particularly since Lou Ferrigno is going to be there. That's right, the dude from The Incredible Hulk and Celebrity Apprentice, among other TV shows, is going to be there. Stop by to see him in addition to some sword-fighting, costumes and a Cosplay drag show, all for free.

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