A runaway snowmobile stars in your moment of lulz

If there's one thing you can count on in life, it's the potential for ensuing hilarity when you combine dudes with things that go fast -- and to that end, it's hard to think of a better vehicle for it than the snowmobile, a machine built almost solely for the purpose of doing awesome jumps. For when there are awesome jumps, schadenfreude is never far away.

To this poor shmuck's unlikely credit, the jump he does is actually pretty awesome; even his wipeout is pretty graceful. It's even more impressive that, once the snowmobile starts running away from him, he's even oriented enough to run after it at all, the futility of the gesture notwithstanding.

But probably the best part of this video is the cameraman's laissez-faire reaction -- which, if you think about it, is the more reasonable of the two. Because when your snowmobile runs away from you, the only reasonable thing you can really do is just shrug and say, "Huh. Well, there's that."

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Jef Otte
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