Visual Arts

Abstract artist Karen Scharer explains why your three-year-old can't paint what she paints

I've heard it a million times. The last time, I was looking at a Kandinsky, minding my own business, when someone behind me chattered to her friend, "Look at that. Ugh. I bet it's worth a million dollars, and my three-year-old could paint it." The truth is, the painting is worth way more than a million dollars. And no three-year-old could have done it -- not even a three-year-old Kandinsky.

Abstract and abstract expressionist painters sometimes get a bad rap since their art doesn't always look like something recognizable. So, in order to better explain their process and why only they could produce the art they do, artist Karen Scharer, whose work is currently showing at Space Gallery, took some time to explain the finer aspects of her abstractions and give an answer to the people who think her work is easy.

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