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Andy Warhol's enormous Campbell's Soup can makes a comeback at CSU

Pop-art icon Andy Warhol famously came to Fort Collins in 1981 when collectors John and Kimiko Powers mounted an exhibition of his work at Colorado State University. It was a memorable visit for many, and was even celebrated all over again a couple of years ago with an exhibit at the University of Denver's Myhren Gallery that included images taken of Warhol by Colorado photographers.

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One important memento of that long-ago fifteen minutes of Colorado fame never left the state:oOne of three large-scale Campbell's Soup cans that graced the art building lawn in honor of Warhol's arrival, with entourage in tow.

The most unique of public collector's items, it was also signed by Warhol and remained in place for nearly a decade, until it was retired in disrepair. Though the can came out of retirement again in 2008 and was placed in CSU's University Center for the Arts sculpture garden, the monumental memorabilia was rusty and showing its age, just like any tin can. That's now been remedied: Monday morning, the restored artifact was unveiled at its new location in front of the UCA, where it will be part of an expanded presence of public sculpture, thanks to a donation by Denver art patrons J. Landis and Sharon Martin. Their representative, Dianne Vanderlip, and University Art Museum director Linny Frickman brought in L.A. sculptor/fabricator Mark Rossi to bring back the soup can's original shine. "The soup can has both historical and sentimental value to the University," Frickman says. "We are absolutely delighted with the results and that the iconic sculpture is back in Fort Collins."

To have a gander, visit the UCA, 1400 Remington Street, on the CSU campus.

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