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Artist House Tour: Inside the Arvada Home of Lisa DiAmor Sanchez

Indie design blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she shares some of her favorite homes, taking us inside the unique private spaces of metro Denver and beyond.

Colorful poetic phrases, reclaimed materials and bold block letters grab your attention, while spicing up this artistic Arvada home at every turn. Meet Denver creative Lisa Diamor Sanchez, artist extraordinaire, mother of two and believer in the magic of fairy dust, who will win your heart with her beautiful artwork and uplifting home. Keep reading for a look at her house and her artwork, as well as an interview with Lisa Diamor Sanchez:  

Westword:  What is your artist medium? 

Lisa DiAmor Sanchez:  I work in thoughts, ideas and words, taking intention and poem fragments, transferring them to art with ink and paint on canvas, wood and reclaimed wood.

Where can we find your artwork?

You can usually find my work at CHAC on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. Art festivals are my favorite place to show my art. Interacting with people who like my art is one of the most important parts of my creative process.  You can visit my Facebook page to see where I’ll be next. I also sell out of my home studio. Find me online, at the gallery, on Etsy Shop or by appointment at 720-341-4435.
What’s in your artist toolbox?

Love, imagination, words, thoughts, kindness and a bit of fairy dust. The intention that I layer into my art is the most important part, and how I connect with the world.

What’s your neighborhood?  


Favorite thing about that neighborhood:

I love seeing my kids playing with the neighborhood kids outside. I’m also a big fan of the pool that's steps from my front door. It’s a great community, and I am grateful for the support I have had in raising my boys.

Is there a hidden gem in your neighborhood?

Well, me, of course!  But also there is Jack's, a coffee shop/bar that is a great place to hang out. They are a company that gives a great deal back to our community.

Best local creative resource:

My walks around Standley Lake uncover lots of found materials for my mosaics. Also, all my neighbors know I use recycled products so I am the recipient of many types of materials that I turn into art.

Do you rent or own your home?

I am super-proud that I own my home. I am happy to bust the myth that artists are starving and living paycheck to paycheck. It is amazing how resourceful you become when little ones depend on you.

Do you create your art at home?

I have been a single parent since my boys were two years old, so it important for me to be there for my kids at all times. Also, I feel extremely lucky to be able to work from home in my pajamas.

Define your home’s style.

Well,my style is definitely situational. I would describe it as "art gallery meets blanket forts." Lots of toys, bikes, shoes and sports equipment. I guess I am just trying to survive two twelve-year-old boys. I often wonder if Picasso had to work in these conditions, what would his art look like?

What are your favorite artistic touches?

I love collecting the art of my friends. Having the art of people I know and love in my home makes me very happy.

What inspires you about your home?

My family. I live with two great boys who motivate me to be a better person and a successful artist — so I can feed them.

What is your favorite piece?

Whatever I am currently working on; the latest is always the favorite. I love everything I do. If I don’t love it, you will never see it.

Have you had any design challenges?

I wouldn’t call them challenges: Their names are Parker and Brady, but anything I try is met with great resistance. I think as an artist my tastes change rapidly and kids like things to stay the same. Every time I repaint or rearrange, I hear endless comments about how they liked it the way it was before. These young men have such strong opinions.

What are your guest’s reactions?

I think they feel loved and accepted whoever they are. On a good day, they might think it even looks clean. Mostly I just care about the love and their comfort.

Have you repurposed any materials in your home?

Lots of my art is repurposed. I paint on old doors, windows, furniture. I also have some DIY guys who supply me with wood from their demo projects.

What’s your favorite DIY project?

I am lucky to have a dad and brother who take really good care of me. When I was struggling to figure out how I was going to manage working and taking care of twin baby boys by myself, they finished my basement studio to meet all my needs.
Best design advice?

Fill your home with love.

What’s your favorite time of day to create?

The mornings before my kids wake up. When they wake, I am making breakfast, packing lunches or heading to the pool.

Do you have any creative organization tips?

I am sure my space will not seem organized to anyone but me. I do keep track of everything in my head and it works for me, even though it screams "Tornado just struck here."

What is your favorite studio feature?

I love that my studio is in my home, close to my family.  It is so important to me to be a part of their life, and it has helped to keep me connected to them. We are extremely close and I feel very grateful.

When Jeanne Connolly isn't doing House Tours, she is blogging on how to create bohemian style with both vintage and recycled materials.

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