Banking On Colorado Hosts a Public Banking Conference on Saturday
Banking on Colorado

Banking On Colorado Hosts a Public Banking Conference on Saturday

According to Banking on Colorado, public banks should "support Main Street, not Wall Street" -- by putting people in charge of how their money is used. At tomorrow's Public Banking Conference, national speakers Ellen Brown, Nomi Prins, Mike Krauss and Gwen Hallsmith will discuss how taking our finances into our hands can help local economies.

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"With publicly owned banks, we the people could take advantage of the same discount rates the big banks get from the Federal Reserve and better leverage of our public funds, which currently sit in private banks," explains spokesman Jason Bosch. "With public banks we could have more money for government services without increasing taxes. Theoretically, over time we could actually decrease taxes while improving our roads, schools and parks."

Check out the conference from 1 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, January 31, at the First Universalist Church of Denver; registration is $25 (or $10 for students with a valid ID) online. E-mail info@bankingoncolorado.org or call 720-279-4460 with questions.

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