Boulder's Meadow Music offers a fun way for families to connect with nature and each other

So, you've got a kid, huh? Whether it's your own rambunctious preschooler or the bratty nephew you've been charged with keeping alive for the next five hours, the most important thing is leaving your house where valuables are liable to be destroyed and seeking refuge on somebody else's property. In this series, we'll be exploring fun, local, and quirky spots that are kid-tastic and adult-friendly, too.

The award-winning Meadow Music officially kicked off its 2014 summer season with a show on June 2, when hundreds of adults and kiddos spent the evening rocking out, Colorado-style. Now in its tenth year, this free, interactive, evening-time children's program pairs lively, open-air concerts with kid-friendly hikes -- a beloved local tradition that's sponsored by Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks.

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Don't worry if you missed the first shows -- there are five more Meadow Music concerts this summer, rain or shine, at the Chautauqua Green, with the next one scheduled for July 14.

A typical evening consists of a short hike on the McClintock Trail followed by 45 minutes of original, nature-themed music played on the Green. The activities were designed with children ages two to eight in mind, though all are welcome. Families are encouraged to bring a blanket and picnic dinner.

The series is presented by quirky, Boulder-based duo Jeff & Paige, a husband-wife band that brings science and nature to life through original songs and stories. The eco-minded concerts touch on concepts like insect anatomy, energy conservation and plate tectonics, and are fun for the whole family.

"We believe in taking a light-hearted approach to teaching kids, teenagers and even adults about environmental issues," says Paige Doughty, co-founder of Jeff & Paige. "Meadow Music gives us the chance to be silly, to be outdoors, to educate through song and skits and most importantly, to build community."

"Seeing these families week after week is the best part of our summer season," adds Jeff Kagan.

There's no need to sign up in advance -- simply show up ready to rock with your family. For event details, visit the City of Boulder's website.

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