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Reader: Broadway Mural a Powerful Statement and Beautiful Thing

Artist Adri Norris discusses her design for the mural.
Artist Adri Norris discusses her design for the mural. @twistedfallacies
On June 12, artist Adri Norris, working with street-art entrepreneur Pat Milbery, invited volunteers to come to the 1400 block of Broadway to help paint a mural on the street. Under the words "Black Lives Matter" is the line "Remember This Time."

“We are in a moment, and I really want people to remember this moment and keep things going,” said Norris. "There is so much change that needs to happen."

More than a hundred volunteers turned out, and many more appreciate the result. Says Laurie: 
It’s a powerful statement and a beautiful thing. No one was hurt in the making of this, including innocent bystanders, businesses of any kind and the police force.
Counters James:
 I like how they vandalize instead of helping communities with black lives....
Responds George: 
This particular group of people that the story was written about vandalized nothing. The city approved and was involved with the project. I think this is an issue for everyone, in that we lump everyone together in two groups: "us versus them." While there are bad people doing bad things within the movement, there are many, many people, the vast majority of people, doing good things such as this.
Notes Jeff: 
Huge graphics like that are really cool. I would like to see them In every city across America. Keep them up until there has been true national reform.
Replies Rob: 
I love the idea and the people but can’t help but feel this is nothing more than wallpaper for complacency.
Concludes Carole: 
This was a fabulous experience. I was happy to be able to participate in a small way. Community coming together with so much love is beautiful. Thank you.
Advises Norris: “Talk about this to your kids. Talk about this to your grandkids. Talk about this to your neighbors. Talk about this to everyone. This is not a black or brown problem. This is an American problem. And if we don’t continue to tell this story, it will continue to be an American problem.”

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