Browser game of the week: GIRP

Sometimes playing games is all about punishment. If you played QWOP, you know exactly what we're talking about there, because that game was awkward, hard to control and awful in more ways than one could count -- but it was also addictive as all hell. This is relevant because GIRP comes to us from the same man who brought us QWOP, and it is just as weird, just as wacky and just as addictive.

The goal of the game is to climb a mountain. To do so, you'll slap letters on the keyboard corresponding to the grip you want to grab -- each hand gets a key and when you let go of the key, your hand releases that grip. All the while, the water is rising up to take you over -- and as we know, all video game characters, because they're made out of technology, are allergic to water. Anyway, it seems simple enough -- climb up this mountain -- but it's really not that easy.

Part of the difficulty comes from the "flex" function; this gives you some momentum so you can kind of fling yourself around to get a better grip. But the physics here are purposely wonky and unpredictable, you'll never really know exactly what to expect from them, so you'll just end up flinging yourself around trying to get to the top, or get to a particular grip. There is a strategic pattern to follow to get to the top, but that doesn't make it any easier. What results is a hilarious and bizarre jerking motion.

Everything you do here is awkward and strange, but because of that, you'll likely be having a grand old time while you're playing with it, laughing at your mistakes and the fact you have to move your fingers around to confirm which key you have on the keyboard. It's idiotic, but somehow manages to be completely and utterly fascinating and enjoyable. It's addictive to boot, as you'll really start to wonder what the hell is at the top of the mountain.

If you're a real-life mountain climber, this is probably the closest simulation you'll find. Sure, you probably can't heave your body around in the same ways as this character, but we imagine it's just as frightening and difficult as the representation here. Not that you'd ever catch us trying to scale a mountain or anything.

Play it here.

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