Browser game of the week: Victorian BMX: Death on Wheels

We know the deal: You're looking for ways to waste time at work, and we're here to help you waste it. Hence, Browser game of the week, our new feature, where we'll comb the depths of the Flash game vortex and pick different games for you to waste away your Wednesday with. We'll do our best to feature a wide variety of picks, from click happy puzzlers to artsy showboating. Our pick this week goes to the amazingly titled, Victorian BMX: Death on Wheels, a whacky take on the Excitebike formula we've all come to love.

The game plays like many motocross racers: You jump, wheelie and flip your way through a course laden with traps, opportunities for "big air" and slight puzzles. You play as a grim reaper type, riding around a black and white landscape on a BMX bike.

One thing of note, it took us embarrassingly long to figure out that "up" on the keyboard is how to get yourself moving, while "left" and "right" handle the balance and "space" takes care of jumping. It's nothing new, but Victorian BMX brings one thing to the table that most games like this don't bother with: you get to kill stuff.

For anyone who's suffered through Victorian era literature like that of Jane Austen, this is going to be a lot more fun. You'll be slicing your way through men on penny-farthings and women pushing strollers while doing your best to capture Queen Victoria's head. The only thing really missing here is the chance to set fire to a copy of Sense and Sensibility.

Throughout the game you'll be privy to a remarkably familiar but slightly unrecognizable metal/punk soundtrack. As games tend to do, this one starts getting significantly more difficult after the second world, which may cause a few expletives to pop out of your mouth, so be weary if your cubicle is right next to your boss.

It's not exactly a mind-blowingly complicated adventure, but it's a great way to waste away an hour or so. Besides, how many times have you been afforded the opportunity to play Death on a BMX?

Play it here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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