This Buffalo Exchange store is closed for an investigation.EXPAND
This Buffalo Exchange store is closed for an investigation.
Kyle Harris

Update: Buffalo Exchange Jettisons Colorado Stores Over Assault Allegations

On July 30, Rebecca Block, vice president of Buffalo Exchange Corporate, announced that the Arizona-based company has severed ties with Buffalo Exchange Colorado over dozens of anonymous accusations that Colorado franchise co-owner Todd Colletti had abused and preyed on employees and others in the community for roughly two decades.

The accusations have triggered an investigation by the Denver and Boulder police departments, which Buffalo Exchange Corporate fully supports.

"I’m sure by now you have all seen the social media posts about Todd Colletti and the horrifying things that occurred in his Colorado stores," Block wrote in an open letter. "What happened to these victims is despicable and unacceptable. Their experiences are devastating. Let me be clear: I believe the victims. I hope they find justice — and I hope they find healing. I’m grateful that the Denver and Boulder Police Departments have opened an investigation. If we can provide the investigations any assistance, we will."

The string of accusations, collected and posted by the administrators of the Instagram account Buffalo in the Room, included claims that Colletti had physically and sexually assaulted employees and others with the full knowledge of the store's fellow owners and managers and Colletti's friends. In the Instagram posts, Colletti was accused of everything from rape to harassment to providing cocaine and alcohol to minors. He was also accused of stealing from the cash register to pay for drugs.

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"These very serious allegations demand very serious remedies with immediate action," Block stated in her letter. "As soon as we learned of the allegations, we began working with our franchise attorney to identify our legal rights under the franchise contract with the owners of the Colorado stores. I want you to know that under no scenario will Colletti have a place anywhere in Buffalo Exchange ever again. The same goes for anyone who was in a position of authority who knew what he was doing and did not act. If you are a victim, or you have direct knowledge that you feel would help this investigation, please email AnnaW@BufEx.com.

"As of today, our relationship with the Buffalo Exchange Colorado franchise stores is terminated," Block continued. "We have revoked any rights to the Buffalo Exchange brand and name."

The Buffalo Exchange leadership team has also reached out to organizations supporting victims of sexual assault in order to provide resources for survivors. "To the victims, I am so sorry this happened," Block concluded. "Most of all, I want you to know: we believe you. I hope the actions we’re taking clearly show that we stand in solidarity with you."

The three Buffalo Exchange stores in Colorado, now stripped of their names, remain closed.

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