A new survey determined that George Lopez is the Centennial State's favorite comic.
A new survey determined that George Lopez is the Centennial State's favorite comic.
Courtesy of Ranker and Vivid Seats

Is Colorado Really Just the Tenth Best State for Comedy?

Want a good laugh? According to a new study, Colorado is America's tenth best state for live comedy, and George Lopez is the hottest ticket in town. The survey, jointly conducted by pop-culture pollsters at Ranker and the ticketing service Vivid Seats, combined sales data from large clubs and theaters with Ranker's online polling results, mapping out what and "who makes America laugh" with numerical precision.

With few resources for verifiable information on the business of funny, the survey intro notes, "the findings present a clearer picture on what comedy fans want to see, and offers a testament to the still-growing popularity of live standup," a Vivid Seats Digital PR publicist reveals.

And there's more: "Overall, there seems to be a resurgence of comedy, whether it’s more touring acts or the influx of Netflix specials; so that inherently offers more data than in years past.... We have seen a rise in comedy fandom that is rarely seen outside of sports and music."

Between Vivid Seats number-crunchers noticing an uptick in comedy sales that included "larger venues" and "longer tours," and the strong reaction to Ranker's comedy polls, "marrying this online and offline data" allows both companies to make better-informed "business decisions, like where a comedian should tour, how large of a venue to book, and even who the next breakout star will be." 

The survey maps out the favorite comics of top entertainment destinations around the country
The survey maps out the favorite comics of top entertainment destinations around the country
Courtesy of Ranker and Vivid Seats

While Colorado ranks just 21st in the country for population, the survey gives the state credit for its tenth-place finish. But the local scene ranks much higher with many touring comics; Comedy Works frequently heads the list of their favorite clubs.

And while the study doesn't reveal precisely why Coloradans prefer Lopez, robust sales for his performance at the Paramount Theatre earlier this month likely played a factor in reminding locals what they love about the erstwhile star of sitcoms and late-night shows. (On the other hand, organizers of Denver's Carousel Ball are still cringing over Lopez's set two years ago, when his jokes proved too controversial for the well-heeled, high-priced crowd, and he was pulled from the stage early.)

While some might argue that Lopez is merely coasting on the goodwill he's accrued over three decades in show business, he's sharper than ever on his latest one-hour special, The Wall. Brimming with socio-political satire, Lopez's vital and timely new material might resonate even more in a state where 56 percent of voters — according to Public Policy Polling— oppose a barrier on the United States border with Mexico.

Or even a wall in Colorado, as President Donald Trump just suggested.

According to the survey, Jerry Seinfeld is Florida's favorite, while Oklahoma goes for Jim Gaffigan and Texas for Trevor Noah. But there are some surprises, too: Massachusetts, for example, favors the old-school stylings of comedy legend Carol Burnett, while Ohio comes through for Ru Paul's Drag Race winner Bianca del Rio.

Visit Ranker to see the full interactive map, and Vivid Seats' comedy page to find out more about nearby shows.  But we're betting you already know where to go to get a good laugh.

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