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Five Ghost Tours and Haunted Happenings in Colorado

Five Ghost Tours and Haunted Happenings in Colorado
Fans of the supernatural and paranormal don't have to limit themselves to Halloween to indulge in their love of ghost hunts, psychic phenomenon, and haunted buildings and sites. Just look at this weekend's Paranormal Supernatural Conference, the first of what its organizers hope will be many deep dives into all things otherworldly. Beyond this weekend, the Mile High City offers a glut of opportunities for you to feed your intrigue and break out your ghost-hunting equipment. Just make sure not to pick up any ghostly souvenirs from your visit to the Other Side. Here are five of Denver's best paranormal events to attend this year.

Paranormal Supernatural Conference - PARANORMAL TALKS
Paranormal Supernatural Conference
Paranormal Talks
Paranormal Supernatural Conference
May 5 to 6
2105 Decatur Street

This weekend at the Police Protective Association Event Center, the Paranormal Supernatural Conference focuses on more than just ghostly phenomena. Attendees will learn how to tap into their psychic consciousness with accomplished UFO and extraterrestrial investigators and energy-vibration healers. The conference aims to bridge the gap between human consciousness and the supernatural/paranormal realms.

Sam, Dean and Castiel. - THEMETRONOME.ORG
Sam, Dean and Castiel.
Supernatural Official Convention
August 17 to 19
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center
13200 East 14th Place, Aurora

Fans of Supernatural will not only have the chance to meet Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and other stars of the show at the Supernatural Official Convention, they'll also have the chance to participate in Ruth Connell's Witching Hour. This limited event is restricted to thirteen participants who journey through a Victorian parlor to manifest spells and explore supernatural activity.

Haunted halls.
Ghost Tours in Old Town Fort Collins
19 Old Town Square, Fort Collins

If you have an upcoming Friday or Saturday free and are interested in taking a trip up to Fort Collins for a spooky old time, you might be interested in carving out a few hours for Ghost Tours in Old Town Fort Collins. The tours explore some of the most haunted buildings and sites in the neighborhood, while guides share tales of supernatural happenings, ghost sightings and local lore. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, because you'll be hiking up and down plenty of stairs.

A haunted trip back in time. - ASPEN WALKING TOURS
A haunted trip back in time.
Aspen Walking Tours

Aspen's DarkSide Tour
320 East Hyman Avenue, Aspen

Walk the streets of Aspen and take in a history lesson as you learn about the ski-resort town's dark past. Aspen's DarkSide Tour explores the ghosts and murders in the mountain town, stretching back to 1879. You can arrange a private tour, and you can even customize your experience to your liking. If you feel you're up for even more of the supernatural and paranormal later this year, be sure to ask about the Walk With the Dead Cemetery Tour, which normally takes place in October but is offered for private groups during the spring, summer and fall seasons.   

The pull of the supernatural. - CAPITOL HILL GHOST TOURS OF DENVER, CO
The pull of the supernatural.
Capitol Hill Ghost Tours of Denver, CO
Denver Ghost Tour
1340 Pennsylvania Street

Ghosthunters and enthusiasts looking for something closer to Denver can check out the Denver Ghost Tour, proclaimed as "Denver's one and only Capitol Hill ghost tour." Experienced paranormal investigators lead guests through ghost-infested homes in Capitol Hill, sharing stories and showing evidence of paranormal happenings. Three tours are available: Quality Hill ghost tours, Capitol Hill ghost tours and interactive ghost hunts in Cheesman Park.
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