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Comedian Greg Giraldo dies at 44. Here are a few of his best moments

Greg Giraldo was rushed to a hospital on September 25th after failing to appear for a scheduled gig. He passed yesterday and will be sorely missed by comedy fans the world over. Sadly, it seems all the best comedians find their way out via drug overdose.

To celebrate Greg Giraldo's comedic genius, here are five great moments from his stand-up career.

A native of New York City, Giraldo attended Columbia University and graduated from Harvard Law School. Apparently soon realizing that practicing law sucked, he turned to comedy, and we are forever thankful for his contribution to the shit-talking arts. Though a successful stand-up comedian, Giraldo was best known for his presence on Comedy Central's roasts of popular comedians and celebrities, where he expertly humiliated everyone involved. Naturally, all of these videos should be considered NSFW.

Even though this is "all in good fun," Chevy Chase seems a little hurt, or mad. But everything Greg says is true.

Here, Giraldo exhibits his fine talent for trenchant similes, all while making astute social commentary. A free lesson for aspiring stand-up comedians, or anyone who wants a tip on how to simultaneously compliment and insult their friends.
Now on to some great stand-up bits:
Greg Giraldo - DVD Exclusive - Marsupial Sex
Greg Giraldo Stand-UpGreg Giraldo JokesHasselhoff Roast Videos
A meditation concerning which marsupial would be best to have sex with, among other troubling dilemmas of modern life.
Greg Giraldo - Our Fat Kids
Greg Giraldo Stand-UpGreg Giraldo JokesHasselhoff Roast Videos
Many people have a bit of a prejudice against obese people and their obese children. Here, Greg takes out his frustrations on the latest American epidemic.
Some pre and post-show footage shining some light on the man himself. The paradox of the comedian is they are so sensitive to how messed up the world is that the only logical response is to make fun of it -- making all our lives a little lighter, while they are, in fact, some of the most depressed people on the planet.
Greg Giraldo - Drinking
Greg Giraldo Stand-UpGreg Giraldo JokesHasselhoff Roast Videos
Lastly, Greg's take on drug and alcohol use: why kids don't need it, and adults should make the most of it. Some ironic advice here for anyone who wants to make it through middle age.

Greg Giraldo, you will be missed and remembered.

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