Comment of the day: Bo the Iceman responds

In Colorado's Iceman & The Story of the Frozen Dead Guy, Bo Shaffer, the guy who delivers the ice to keep Grandpa Bredo in cryogenic bliss, tells the story of how a Norwegian dead guy came to inhabit a shed in Nederland and how Frozen Dead Guy Days -- one of the weirdest festivals ever -- came to arise around it. And while we gave the book a mostly positive one-chapter review yesterday, we did take issue with a couple of things -- namely when Shaffer cites the "second-most-asked question" he gets but doesn't identify the first.

In the comments, Bo Shaffer takes issue with that.

I tried to be as factual as possible....that WAS the second most asked question. The first, I talk about in the FAQ section. I'm not one to leave my readers up in the air if I can help it. I try to tell the bare bones (so to speak) of the story in this more or less scientific chronicle. But the musings on the psychological implications are fodder for the next book perhaps....I might just make it as a writer someday...you never know.
Bo the Iceman

Fair enough, Bo. If there's anything to put in the FAQ, the first-most-asked question is definitively the best possible candidate.

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