Comment of the day: Joel Warner's night moves are shady

This summer, don't forget that it is important to hold onto at least one thing you've got, because it does matter if it makes it or not: The 88-Drive-In Theatre needs you to stay alive. So says Joel Warner, who, in his post about the 88 Drive-In yesterday, makes an impassioned plea for kids livin' in the heartland to support an American tradition that's down on its luck. But while his heart may be in the right place, reader Redtsunami argues, his penny-pinching techniques miss the mark.

I love the drive-in and go a couple of time every summer. But you know, Joel, if you stuff people in the trunk (so they don't get their percent of the gate) and you take your own snacks (so they don't get the concession revenue), you're not helping keep it open. Just sayin'.

Touche, Redtsunami. So get out your wallets, America, before the judge puts it all to rest.

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