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Comment of the day: The way I see it it's very safe sex

Being a phone sex operator is actually kind of boring. At least, that's the gist of what we learned from Crystal (that's a pseudonym, by the way), a phone sex operator Thorin Klosowski interviewed back in March for How to Get My Job -- there, Crystal tells us that, ultimately, the world of phone sex is pretty workaday. Apparently, though, that is not going to deter reader Lemom_evelyn, who basically leaves a cover letter.

am veery interested in this and they way i see it it's very saffe sex. I have 2 children now in college ane 2 more to go however 1 child is austic and my hubsand have seizures. I so need this help and is veery willing to learn the tricks of the trade.. To me just a three hundred more weekly with my regular day pay would be great. If i could do this full time dday and night would even be better. please help me ofline or another i would greatly be thankful. tell me how to talk to u personally. want 2 get my number but i think ur better at this then i. live in mphs ,tn 901 267 now tell me howw too finish that number

The weirdest thing is, Lemom isn't even the first person to attempt to apply for the job via our comment section. Dear world, we do not have any of these positions to offer. And please don't take our use of the word "positions" the wrong way.

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