Contest: Correctly count the number of skulls and win haunted house tickets

We're inside two weeks until Halloween. Have you been to any haunted attractions yet? No? Well here's a preview of the Field of Corpses in Arvada, shot by resident haunted house fanatic Aaron Thackeray.

We're going to nail a contest to the bloody corpse of this blog post.

How to Play: 1. Count the number of skulls in this slideshow.

2. Leave a comment back here on the blog with your guess.

3. The winner with the correct or closest answer will win a pair of tickets to another haunted attraction around town, the 13th Door (which Maggie Moody gave us a report on today) in Arvada. Make sure you include a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you are the winner!

To get you in the mood, read this question-filled history of the field of corpses:

For two hundred years the citizens of Arvada have wondered what happened during the Fall Harvest of 1801. What did Torrence White and his family find out in their field? Why did members of the family begin disappearing? Why has everyone who has since lived on the property suddenly died? Why do neighbors still report seeing shadows of children walking around at night? Discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the White Family and what lies in the Field of Corpses.

And since we're in the realm of teenage attractions, here's a song that's prime for listening to while taking pulls of vodka from a water bottle just before you unload a dozen eggs on to some unsuspecting teachers' car.

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Nick Lucchesi
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