Cougar Bait Worthy of Sex and the City

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I love the SATC fab four. I love them. In real life, the actresses who play New York’s finest, are all attached to their respective “significant others,” which is great. But if we’re being honest, their characters, at least in terms of “age,” have all entered Cougar Country.

And good for them.

Pervy old men have been around since the beginning of time. No one’s thought to nickname them after a ferocious, flesh eating beast. Have they? No. It’s not fair at all. But I say: Ladies! Reclaim “Cougar” the way The Vagina Monologues once empowered you to reclaim the other “C” word!

Carrie and clan have taken bed-hopping and credit card debt from “taboo” to “tres chic,” right? Why not this? If Carrie can fling with a frat-boy (Timothy Olyphant in “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys" – Season 1, Episode 4) and uber-promiscuous Samantha can finally cast aside her wicked ways and truly fall in love with a 20-something waiter-turned-model-turned-mega-star (Jason Lewis as Jerry “Smith” Jerrod – Season 6) then just imagine what the movie holds nearly five years later in terms of their sex-capades.

I say let the prowl begin!

No one is telling you to marry your piece of cougar bait. And, realistically, if you are a 40-50 year old woman who has come this far without a man and can still fill out a slinky, black dress in the wilds of Cherry Creek, you’re probably not all too keen on settling down anyway. Why should you be?

So this Friday, take in the movie, then take a cue from America’s four best girlfriends and hit the town. The hunt is on, ladies! And your prey of choice? How about a college-age soccer player who can’t spell “Manolo Blahnik.” (You’re not interested in him for his mind, anyway, right?)

Happy hunting!

-- Steven J. Burge

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