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Reader: Yes, The Monkees Represent Pop Culture

More than five decades later, the Monkees are back...on TV, at least.
More than five decades later, the Monkees are back...on TV, at least. MeTV
Denver Pop Culture Con just announced its first round of special guests for the 2020 con, set for July 3 through July 5 at the Colorado Convention Center. This is the ninth annual event, but only the second under the current moniker: After the 2018 con, organizers changed the name from Denver Comic Con to Denver Pop Culture Con; organizers said it was not just legally advisable, but perhaps better suited to the way the fan gathering has grown.

Among those coming in July: actor Wil Wheaton, comic artist Joel Gomez, comics artist and writer Kevin Eastman, Smallville’s Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, and Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. Yes, the Monkees.

Asks Kelley:
 Why will the Monkees be there? When was the last time they made music or were “of relevance” past the death of Davey Jones? Not trying to be rude...that one just seems out of left field.
Responds Wesley:
 It’s gonna be okay. It’s a big place, so if you don’t want to go see them you don’t have to.
Adds Kyle: 
They still have a lot of fans. It's just nostalgia! I remember watching them on Nick at Night (I think).
I think it'd be cool to see them!
Notes Cameron: 
The Monkees represent pop culture. Not this minute's current pop culture, but pop culture nonetheless.
Suggests Patrick:
 They need money. And DCC can't book major celebrities on the 4th of July.
That's right: Concerns about Denver Pop Culture Con aren't limited to the programming. There's also the timing of this year's con. Will the schedule conflict with Fourth of July festivities? Or does it instead provide a great way to have a blast on the Fourth?

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